Back pain is something that is extremely common with almost 90% of the country’s population suffering from it at least once in their life and 50% of them experiencing it more than once. To better understand the reasons or causes of back pain you need to learn that back pain in itself is not a disease or disorder, but an alarm signal that points towards a disorder or variety of different processes. Let us take a look at some of the most common causes that lead to back pain.

back pain

Common Disorders That Cause Back Pain

Usually back pain is caused by spinal disorder or disease, muscular injury or trauma to the bone or spinal nerves. Sometimes, individual can feel back pain due to an organ abnormality in the abdomen, chest or pelvis. Doctors usually conduct diagnostic tests like MRI and X-rays to reach the cause of this type of pain. The most commonly found causes of back pain include:

Herniated Disc – This is a spinal condition where the spinal discs starts to get thinner or degenerate as the center jelly like portion of the disc bulges out and pushes against the nerve root that in turn causes back pain.

Spinal Stenosis – Spinal stenosis is a condition where the narrowing of the spinal-canal starts taking place when disc degeneration is coupled with disease in joints.

Osetarthritis – This condition is also known as degenerative arthritis which is actually a group of mechanical abnormalities that involves the degradation of joints (also known as degenerative joint disease).

Back Spasms – Also known as impulsive and abnormal muscular contraction which can be extremely discomforting and painful when it happens in the spinal column.

Spinal Cord Trauma – Trauma or injury to the spinal column usually occurs from an automobile accident or a fall.

Getting Back Pain Treatment in Dallas

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