Physical therapy in The Woodlands are the best in the country and play a key role in the rehabilitation as well as treatment of the acute or chronic back pain or neck pain. Physical therapists engaged in these centers are professionals with years of experience in this field and they combine passive as well as active physical therapy exercises to help patient get not only relief from his or her pain but also have increased function. These physical therapy clinics are well equipped with gyms and work out areas that are designed to provide physical therapy programs to both surgical and non-surgical patients. These programs are structured and created by dedicated team of physical therapists as well as physicians including orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists as well as neurosurgeons.

Physical Therapy

Common Goals of Physical Therapy

A physical therapy program is not designed with the aim of just treating back pain or neck pain but it provides over all spine care so that the patient do not suffer from other problems in the future. These treatment plans work with the aim of improving performance, balance, strength and coordination so that the patient makes a complete back pain recovery without with reduced chances of repetitive injuries.

The other major goals of a physical therapy programs include:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved posture and range of motion
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Improved level of work

How to Continue Good Habits Once Physical Therapy Program is over

It is important that you continue with a healthy lifestyle even after your physical therapy program is over so that the problem does not re-occur. Physical therapists usually provide patients with instructions to help them carry therapeutic program in their own home. Some centers also offer specially designed programs so that the patient can easily adjust to the transition from hospital based therapy program to a community fitness program.

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