Back pain or spinal pain is a problem that may signify a deeper more serious medical condition that may cause major health issues if left untreated, and it could happen anywhere, even in Houston. This is why when the spinal pain continues for long periods, it may time for you to seek medical help. There are several Houston back pain doctors that can assist you in getting your back pain free.

Houston Back Pain Treatment

Back Bone Treatment Options

Generally, most people will experience common back bone conditions, and most will seek a doctor. Initially doctors try to treat back pain with the help of non-surgical or non-invasive treatment options. Surgical help is only considered as an option when all non-surgical options fail to provide any relief to the condition or the patient. Let us take a look at the some of the most used  treatment options for back pain:

At-home Remedies

Usually doctors help patients to deal with their back pain with self-care at home. Normal home remedies include physical therapy that may include exercises like stretching. Other ways of dealing with back pain are with the help of non-prescription medications like Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen as well as topical agents like ‘deep heating rubs’. People also use heat and ice packs to help them deal with back pain.


A complementary and alternative medicine, acupuncture is a very important component of traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment option is used to treat back pain by stimulating specific acupoints along the skin of the body.

Physical therapy

This is one of the most popular treatment options for back pain. Physical therapy includes exercises that include three components that are: stretching, aerobic conditioning as well as strengthening.

Chiropractic Care

It is also known as chiropractic manipulation and is a alternative treatment method where the spinal function is improved by increasing the range of motion as well as function which also helps in decreasing pain.

Epidural Steroid Injections

This is a minimally invasive procedure where steroids are delivered into the pain causing area of the spine directly. This helps in reducing the inflammation helping patient get respite from pain which in turn allows the patient to seek treatment options.

 Recovering from Backbone Pain

To help recover from back bone pain it is extremely important that you seek the right treatment. We are here to provide you the best Houston backbone treatment options. Call us at (888) 779-8716 or fill the form given below so that you are well on your way to recovery.