Back Surgery Options Overview

Back Surgery OptionsBack Pain that defies cure despite trying out pre-surgery options such as medicines and physiotherapy need surgical intervention. There are various back surgery options available in terms of surgical intervention.

Various Types of Back Surgeries

Spinal fusion
The most common surgery for back pain. A surgeon joins spinal bones, called vertebrae, together. This restricts motion between the bones and reduces pain. Fusion also limits the stretching of nerves.
In this, there is a risk of incomplete fusion. That can require additional surgery. Smoking increases this risk.


The surgeon removes parts of the bone, bone spurs, or ligaments in the back. This relieves pressure on spinal nerves that may be causing pain or weakness.
This surgery can cause the spine to be less stable, in which case a spinal fusion is usually performed.


The surgeon cuts away bones at the sides of vertebrae to widen the space where nerve roots exit the spine. The enlarged space may relieve pressure on the nerves, thereby relieving pain.
This can sometimes result in reduced stability of the spine. A simultaneous spinal fusion can be done to avoid the problem.

Discectomy: A bulging or “slipped” disc, the cushion that separates vertebrae, may press on a spinal nerve and cause back pain. In a discectomy, the surgeon removes all or part of the disc. A discectomy may be part of a larger surgery that includes laminectomy, foraminotomy, or spinal fusion.

Disc Replacement: The surgeon removes a damaged spinal disc and inserts an artificial disc between the vertebrae. Disc replacement permits continued motion of the spine. It is gaining popularity as an alternative to spinal fusion.

Interlaminar Implant: Another alternative to spinal fusion is the implant of a U-shaped device, placed between two back bones in the lower back and helps maintain the space between.

Unlike spinal fusion, this provides stability without completely restricting motion.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries (MISS):  MISS means a minimal opening of the area of operation and are performed with special tools called tubular retractors. Through a very small incision the retractor is inserted to the spinal column. The entire operation of implants used or bones removed happens through this retractor


Overall Risks

For most people, the main risk of back surgery is not gaining good relief from back pain after the surgery but this is hard to predict.


Consulting a doctor

Spinal surgery is a delicate operation for any of above back surgery options. It is best that you find out doctor and a clinic with a proven track record of a high percentage of successful operations. Talking openly with your surgeon can help you know what to expect from back surgery.

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