Sciatica nerve pain is not a condition in itself but is actually a symptom for another spinal condition. A person suffering from sciatica nerve pain suffers from pain that starts from the buttocks and hips and then trickles all the way down to the legs. In most cases the patient also suffers from lower back pain which may or may not severe as the leg pain. The nerve that travels from the lumbar region of the spinal column and continues through the buttocks and leg is medically known as sciatica and is the known source of this sort of pain.



As mentioned above, sciatica nerve pain is not a medical condition in itself but an indication of another spinal disorder that most often occurs in the lower back or the lumbar region of the spinal column. The major causes of sciatica are bone spurs that occurs due to a herniated disc or osteoarthritis. These bone spurs compress the one or more nerves that function as the contributing roots of the sciatica nerve, this condition is also known as pinched nerve. Apart from bone spurs, other causes of sciatica pain include heavy labor and sporting activities that put a strain on the lower back. However, the back specialist must be able to distinguish whether the pain is due to sciatica or is radicular pain (caused by inflamed nerve root) in order to start the correct treatment therapy.


The most preferred sciatica pain treatment options by back specialists are usually conservative or non-surgical treatment options. Surgery is an option that is only preferred as the last choice. The main aim of these non-surgical treatment options is to control physical activity and avoiding exacerbating activities until the patient is gradually allowed to return to normal activities. Physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, medication, epidural injections, exercises, massage therapy and heat and ice therapy are some of the most commonly recommend conservative treatment options.

Surgery is only considered when the patient is unable to feel any relief with the help of non-surgical treatment options.

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